Triangle Petition

September 25, 2010

On Thursday 16th September 2010 Children and youth from the Triangle Adventure Playground along with play workers, parents and charity members took the bus from the Oval to Lambeth Town hall in Brixton to join Kate Hoey MP to deliver our 1100 signature petition to Steve Reed the leader of the council.

Unfortunately Cllr Reed didn’t make it, although the meeting was at a time and place of his choosing, but we delivered the petition to the deputy and we all had a fun afternoon chanting and waiving banners.

We would like to thank Kate Hoey MP and all involved in taking the time to get to the town hall to deliver the petition, lets hope that the council will start thinking of ways to achieve what they need, without destroying our wonderful play ground.

If you would like to help save the Triangle Playground please email or ring Steve Reed. Phone: 020 7926 1167 Email: telling him of your support for us

and sign our ongoing petition at


Petition. Keep pushing!

August 10, 2010

As many will already know, our MP, Kate Hoey, is now putting her authority behind our campaign to pursuade Lambeth to stop trying to force our closure.
She has agreed to lead our delegation to the Town Hall on the morning of 24th August to deliver our petition.
The petition has been raised both on line and by soliciting people’s signatures in person. (Our young people made a fantastic effort on polling day and achieved 300 signatures on their own.)
Now is the time for one last push. The on-line petition can be found lower down this blog. If you haven’t already done it, SIGN ON NOW! And get everyone you know to add their name. We need all the help we can get to keep our historic playground open.

Councillors? What councillors?

July 22, 2010

Following the election of our two new labour councillors we might have hoped for some help in our struggle to keep our historic 50 year old playground open. Yet neither of them bothered to reply to the letter they got from us on their very first day in office. We would have thought that the council’s wish to close one of the longest serving community facilities in the borough might have caused them some concern, especially since it happens to be in their ward!
Councillors are elected to represent the people who voted them in, aren’t they? So isn’t it about time we heard Cllrs Edbrooke and Hopkins speaking up for the Ashmole Triangle?

Congratulations to Jake, Leo and Jay.

July 1, 2010

Congratulations to you all for your Star letter to the South Lambeth Press.

For those of you that didnt see it the letter here is a copy.

“Lambeth council says we don’t make anything here but we do build things.

We build a lot. We use hammers and nails and saws everyday.

We helped to build all our swings and cabins and dens.

If they close our Triangle we will be playing on the streets. All the elderly people will be moaning and we will be run over by cars. And we could end up in gangs – and all the bad stuff.”

Published in the South Lambeth Press on the 11th June 2010.

If you would like to write to the South Lambeth Press to  put forward your love of the Triangle please do here is the link.

Polling Day

May 18, 2010

Hello, The children of the Triangle made a great impact to the local population on polling day.

They made a sign to raise the profile of our plight, and generally had a fun day.

If you would like to get involved in raising our plight please sign our petition attached to the blog and email our MP Kate Hoey,

Also our new councellors on the Oval ward Ishbel Brown; Jane Edbrooke and Jack Hopkins (no email published as yet) but write to Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RW

A Proper Loo at Last!

March 12, 2010

Thanks to our grant from Play England our new cabin now boasts a new loo. We’ve had to make do with the Portaloo for so long that we’d almost forgotten what it’s like to be so civilized. And the Portaloo was expensive too, so when they take it away we’ll be saving £25 a week – money we can spend on more exciting things!

Jonny’s on his Holiday

March 12, 2010

We’re delighted that our Senior Playworker, Jonny Choo, is taking a well-deserved break. He’s been working incredibly hard to keep the playground lively and interesting in the face of the determined efforts of our neighbouring school to annex our historic site.
So he needed a rest and has travelled half way around the world to visit relatives in Malaya. He can’t let go completely, though (typical!), and checks our emails to make sure everything’s all right in his absence.
Thankfully, Matt’s looking after everything with Aurora so all’s well.

Summer Opening Times

July 24, 2009

From 20 July to 2 September the playground will open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm. Help us paint the longest mural in the Borough! Come one come all.  and remember this may be the last Summer of fun unless you sign our petition!

Save our Playground

July 24, 2009

Please save our playground by signing our petition here



The historic Triangle Adventure Playground has provided a safe green place for our children to play for 52 years. It’s London’s oldest adventure playground.

The Council is giving 10 year leases to all its adventure playgrounds except the Triangle. Without a lease we will be forced to close within a year. The council’s action has already cost our community £44,500 in lost grants – money that had been earmarked to be spent on our neighbourhood’s children this year.

The reason the council gives is that the site will be needed temporarily during building work to Archbishop Tenison’s School. This is not true. Nor is it the real reason. Plans seen under a Freedom of Information request that the council tried to refuse show a hidden reason.


Our children are growing up in dangerous times. They need creative play. They need to let off steam. And they need to be safe and off the streets. We need more supervised playgrounds, not less. How can a car-park possibly be more important than our children’s welfare? This decision must be changed.

Children and their grown-ups should write and say so to the Leader of Lambeth Council, Steve Reed, at: Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW or

And sign our online petition at 

   “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

Summer Playscheme starts soon

July 10, 2009

Our Summer Holiday playscheme starts on 20 July and runs right through to 2 September. The big project is that we are going to design and paint a mural on the long boundary fence that was painted white for us by the leading law firm Eversheds last year.